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About Us

We are Up Close, an alternative rock band from Wiener Neustadt, Austria. 5 creative heads who together break their musical boundaries:

David on vocals, Cheesie and Jaxx on guitars, Peter on bass and Flo on drums. Since 2017 we have developed our own style and sound through over 100 shows, numerous productions and a lot of heart and soul.

In 2017 we started as an Acoustic Duo and already in 2018 we released our EP "Lost Cause" as a full band. After numerous shows, TV appearances and releases we won the contest "Headliner of the 88.6 Rot Weiß Rock Stage 2021″ of the radio station Radio 88.6, where we prevailed through more than 100 bands.

In 2022 we could celebrate successes like a show on the Main-Stage of the Iron Road For Children or the Main-Stage of the Linzer Krone-Fest and inspire thousands of people.

The Band

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